“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.”
– Albert Einstein

Indu Punj - Educator, Teacher Trainer - Stories Matter

How We Started

Indu Punj - Educator, Teacher Trainer - Stories Matter


After spending 20 years with students in different schools, I realised the need to reach out to people, sharing my knowledge and expertise, and gaining new insights through those challenges.

Being a psychologist, I found that the best way of connecting with people was through a story. 

Each person I spoke to had a story–the narrative of their own life, which at times was full of pain, shame, and remorse.

Indu Punj - Stories Matter


I would listen to them all with keen interest and empathy, and soon realised that each
story matters.

A lot can be conveyed through stories because they have a beautiful way of building an instant connect.

I connected stories with different life skills, subjects, values, and psychological issues.

Emotional Intelligence In Children 3


I combined my passion for teaching and travelling, and embarked on a journey, covering various junior and senior secondary schools through my workshops.

I made it a medium of conversation by running my two independent channels on an audio app, Khabri.
Now, I have also joined a career counselling firm as a consultant. 


Through Stories Matter, I hope to change the lives of our children by making them more empathetic, both to the world and themselves, through breaking stereotypes, self regulation, self acceptance, and gender sensitization.


I aim to enable teachers to make sure each student in their class feels heard and doesn’t go unnoticed, while also building a culture of student-teacher bonding through better communication.


Lastly, I hope that through my workshops with parents, I can help them develop a better understanding with their children while also enabling them to cope with the challenges of parenting, and most importantly, learning to empathise with themselves in the process.  


Our Team

Shubham Punj CTO Stories Matter

Shubham Punj

Chief Marketing Officer

Shubham is best at solving business problems for medium and small businesses using online marketing and web design. He made and manages our website, records and edits all videos for our social media platforms and designs all creatives. Shubham has completed his Bachelor of technology in Computer Science and has worked with multiple agencies and businesses to increase their conversions and sales.

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