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 Workshops by Indu Punj

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For Students

Build stronger foundations for excellence.

For Parents

Develop an empathetic understanding towards your children.

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Helping teachers connect better with their students.


Understand what you want, professionally and personally.


Let’s radically change the way we

connect, teach, and communicate

with our children.


Through stories. 

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Indu Punj Founder, Teacher Trainer,

Indu Punj Founder, Teacher Trainer,

Ex DPS-International Educator,
Masters in Psychology, PGDCFT, B. Ed.

After spending 20 years with students in different schools, I realised the need to reach out to people, sharing my knowledge and expertise. 

Being a psychologist, I found that the best way of connecting with people was through a story. 

Each person I spoke to had a story–the narrative of their own life, which at times was full of pain, shame, and remorse.

Through Stories Matter, I hope to change the lives of our children by making them more empathetic, both to the world and themselves, through breaking stereotypes, self regulation, self acceptance, and gender sensitization.

I aim to enable teachers to make sure each student in their class feels heard and doesn’t go unnoticed, while also building a culture of student-teacher bonding through better communication.

Lastly, I hope that through my workshops with parents, I can help them develop a better understanding with their children while also enabling them to cope with the challenges of parenting, and most importantly, learning to empathise with themselves in the process. 

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